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Frequent urination with metformin

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This is another example of how doctors don't tell you everything but they want you to take their recommended pills. After bladder repair surgery, I started on incontinence pills, and sat around the house all day taking naps. When I complained the doctor thought I was ungrateful, Many years later I quit the pills because it was causing constipation and pain after my spine surgery. When I was diagnosed with beginning levels of type II diabetes, nothing was said about the incontinence so I bought larger sanitary pads. After studying the matter in a college class, I decided that it would be reasonable to expect the metformin to increase urination, to get rid of the sugar. Besides, I was taking a water pill for high blood pressure as well. I bought heavier pads for nighttime use. It is sometimes a tradeoff. The metformin lowers the blood sugar overnight, and I get up three times a night. That's pretty good for an old lady of 84. I need to drink more water and if I don't, I get leg cramps in bed in the morning. It seems we can't have it all. Losing weight helps, I believe. Dorisena

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@sgreen55 I was on metformin a number of years ago but did not notice an increase in urination, yet what @dorisena says makes sense I think.
@dorisena I would love to be able to get up only 3 times a night! Pair incontinence with having to drink 80 – 100 ounces a day to keep my kidneys happy, and I am up at least 6 times a night generally, despite trying to drink most of it earlier in the day. Losing weight does help with incontinence, as does doing Kegels daily. I went for pelvic floor PT and the therapist said to not skip more than two days. I have, and it does cause a setback. I have been treated by a urogynecologist and had Botox injections this past week. I’m hoping that will help but apparently it takes a couple of weeks to really see if it has.

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