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Your best tips for raw food safety post transplant.

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@nkdonahue I was told to keep my sodium below 2000 mg a day after my liver transplant. I didn't use a lot of salt before my transplant so that was easy for me, and I actually try to keep it below 1500 mg a day because otherwise, I do feel it in my fingers and feet.

As @cmael commented, the major restrictions are the fruits she mentioned, plus anything that is not well washed, like fruit, or not cooked — no sushi. I believe all post-transplant patients have those restrictions because they are based on foods that are contraindicated to the immunosuppressants, and when you are taking immnosuppressants your body cannot fight germs as well. Wash your fruit and vegetables well. I use a water/white vinegar bath on berries, you can get directions on that if you google. I started that because it helps to keep the fruit from spoiling because it kills the spores that may be on it but recently did read that it was the best way to wash berries for post-transplant patients also. Also, if you cutting a melon or any fruit, wash the skin first so if there is any bacteria on it, it doesn't get dragged through the fruit on the knife.

I am sure that after the transplant you will get information about foods not to eat and being careful about eating raw things. I don't think you really need a special cookbook.

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@contentandwell I have not used anything but cool water to wash berries, and I do so just before eating them. Do you use the water and vinegar bath, then store the fruit to eat later? I would be very happy to prolong the freshness of pricey organic strawberries that we enjoy. Given that our daughter is just 24, I am relieved to hear that she may not have to change her diet as dramatically as I had anticipated. Do you have trouble making good choices at restaurants? Avoiding excessive salt seems like a challenge outside one's own kitchen. Thank you for your ideas.