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Has anyone been using Tymlos?

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@georgette12, @cireland, @curlylocks, Thank you so much for responding. Those are the exact reasons I chose Tymlos @cireland, The other reason is that it doesn't have to be refrigerated. I think @georgette12, you fell into the donut hole. The price is high for a month or so and then it drops to $8.00 give or take a few cents, for the rest of the calendar year. So..overall, it is a good idea. This is a new medication, and you are right it should be state of the art. I would like to stay in touch on Connect with folks who share a common medication for what we all want to avoid, fractures. Please don't fall now until it builds more bone. I am even thinking of getting a snazzy cane until I finish the 18 months.

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I’m thinking of the “snazzy” cane idea too depending on how PT goes for my foot (that fractured).

Don’t fall ever actually bc bones are more brittle with Tymlos and so they are harder to heal after a fracture.

I start Ttmlos next week. Quite nervous right now. I hope this works for me. These chats really help. I was freaking out because I didn’t see much chat about Tymlos. Now I see it’s the newest on the market !