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Has anyone been using Tymlos?

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@curlylocks and @cireland Good afternoon, wow, I haven’t found anyone on Tymlos. Even my pharmacist said I was the first in this area. Would you be comfortable sharing the reason for choosing this osteoporosis medication. Mine reason is. that I had a severe reaction to boniva and could not use anything with similar ingredients. I am finishing week four and still have just a teeny weeny bit of nausea. I take mine in the a.m. because I am worried that I will fall asleep and not remember. I have been known to do that. And another question....did you get this through your regular RX insurance? Did you explore Canada? Hope you both are having a lovely day.

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After finding out about my results from my primary doctor, I went to Wake Forest Baptist Medical's Fracture Liason Dept. for a second opinion. They concurred with my primary doctor. Since it was more cost effective than Forteo and they determined the side effects less harsh for my health concerns, both doctor's recommended the same drug.. Unfortunately, I need a knee replacement and cannot go forward with this surgery until I rebuild bone. My Part D insurance doesn't provide good coverage, I am hoping the pharmaceutical company will help with the cost. I almost passed up traditional care an alternative treatment, but decided otherwise.

I am supposed to get mine through a speciality pharmacy my insurance company is choosing and they are mailing me the prescription. This was all taken care of Thru my doctor at Mayo.

Hope you're having a good day. Tymlos was recommended by 2 doctors. The reason was my poor T score and a lower cost. Unfortunately, even Tymlos is, under my plan, way too expensive. Also, my right knee should be replaced, but my bones won't hold the hardware. The doctors are hoping Tymlos will enable me to handle the surgery.

I had the same reaction to Boniva and all similar medicines. Even taking Calcium affects my jaw bones. That is my concern with Tymlos? Does anyone know of any jaw problems with taking it?

I know this posts a few years old, but any updates on your treatment outcomes?

Hi I didn't choose it my Dr did and my insurance pays for it as well ,my copay is $ 4 30 I have medicare and Medicaid,stomach starting to feel a little woozy but manageable at this moment! Won't know if this is for me for a couple more days of using it ,praying it works and prayed for our Lord to take away the side effects too! But I too have to take something to rebuild these very thin fragile bones I have had several fractures since last August and the worst when I fell in December 2022 I forgot to ask Dr what my bone density score is all ge said was they are bad! Will ask him on next visit thanks for all the great feedback on Tymlos

I got on the program through Tymlos manufacturer and receive free medication for 6 months. Check the website for info. You fill out a form and their doctor also has to fill out their forms.

I have had mild side effects and am ramping up my dose slowly. I inject at night. I drink lots and lots of water and that seems to help control side effects.

FORTEO and other meds totally knocked me out of action. Tymlos is working Side effects I have are mild nausea for a few hours in the afternoon, headache on and off but not terrible and fatigue which seems to come and go. Recently having moderate bone pain not bad.

My doc says her Tymlos users all had good results and so far this is the only med I can tolerate.
Good luck

I could not find it available in Canada for USA patients