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Has anyone been using Tymlos?

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I started taking Tymlos in January. It really affected my appetite for awhile, but my body seems to have adjusted and I am now taking it every night without any problem. I give myself the shot (really easy) just before going to bed -- so some of the side effects like nausea (very slight) aren't a problem. I will have another bone density in January, so am hoping to see improvement. I am 79
Hope this helps.and good luck.

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Appreciate your response. Because I am in need of a knee replacement, my treatment should begin very shortly. We pick up my first month's supply of Tymlos on Wed., then a nurse will come out to show us how to give the injection. Since I have a sensitive stomach, I hope my reaction is as good as you have described about yourself. Hope your January bone density shows great improvement!

I was put on Tymlos because I tested positive for osteoporosis after having laminectomy and fusion from T11 to L5 which resulted in pseudarthrosis. I had to have another surgery with hardware removed and replaced with larger screws and extended into my pelvic bones. They did not test my bloodwork for almost five months from the start of taking Tymlos and then when they got the results, I was sent to emergency with hypercalcemia. I had to spend the night there flushing out the excess calcium in my blood with a saline solution. I was told that my heart could have stopped and I could have died. (All thanks to negligent bone health NPs) Be cautious!

I started onTymlos in April 2021 after fracturing my T12 and L2. T12 was old fracture and couldn’t do anything for that one,however they the Vertebroplasty in L2. I am still in a lot of pain can’t stand,sit,or walk but a short time. I just wondering if it could be the Tymlos doing this. I did find out that I now have 60% blockage in my vertebral arteries.

Thankyou for your impute I just started mine about an hour ago! Injection was easy,but it immediately gave me a headache and intense lower back pain! And my face felt very warm and flushed.Those symptoms are lightening up as I write also made me tired I don't like trying new meds at night ,but I do think I will take this one in the evening so as just to lay down and be done for the day .