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@auntieoakley, Good evening, Welcome. I am so sorry that you are having pain from a frozen shoulder. As you probably know, frozen shoulder happens because of immobility. The fascia which surrounds the joint area becomes compressed and restricted. Although I have never had that happen to me after any of the four shoulder surgeries, I was warned about it by the orthopedic surgeon.

You asked for suggestions and I am going to attempt to give that my best shot. In order to remove the restrictions, you may want to try Myofascial Release Therapy, MFR. It is a gentle way to release restrictions. You may also be taught the at-home treatments that you can do between sessions.

There is a discussion group on Connect that may be of additional help.
There are multiple levels of certification for MFR therapists. The Expert level is the highest proficiency with specialized training in most areas of the body.
If you decide that you would like to contact an MFR therapist there is a registry on the following website:
If there is no one listed in your area, you may find an answer on this site:
or….since, not all MFR therapists are listed, you can just let me know where you are located and I will do my best to acquaint you with MFR therapists in your vicinity. May you soon be free of suffering. Chris

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I guess myofascial release is not a thing in rural oregon. I noticed there were only three clinics. I did call and ask for pt, I am hopeful that when they finally get me in, that it will be helpful.

Myofascial Release Therapy, MFR. Exactly! Works wonders. Finding someone who knows what they're doing . Good Luck!