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Knee Replacement Failure - Need total reconstruction

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@mwatts91757 I’m so sorry for what you are going through. Since you traveled a distance to have the surgery I’m sure you must have done a lot of research trying to find the best possible surgeon th do it.

I had a CPM machine after my first TKR and turned it in early since I did not feel it was helpful. There are many doctors who do not feel they are. My second TKR was done by a doctor who did not suggest one, he made no comment on them either way. So, the CPM machine probably would not have made much difference for you.

I was in such extreme pain prior to my first TKR that I did little research into surgeons. If I knew then what I know now – how many of these surgeries leave patients unhappy — I would have researched more and waited longer to get a better surgeon. As it is, the first is not bad, but the second one by a different surgeon at Brigham and Womens has definitely been better, I’m very happy with it. I hope a cause and a solution is found soon.

@doodles418 I can understand not wanting to wait to have this fixed. It’s awful when pain plagues you daily, especially when you think there may be a solution but you can’t have that yet. I hope you are able to get something done sooner.

I hope we hear back from both of you as you progress.

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Well I know one person that had a hip done by this particular surgeon . My girlfriend has since gone to him for her knee and she has achieved 100° of flexion which isn’t bad . She went to him last February not knowing that I was having such problems .
What I’m looking for now is a doctor to do revisions that is proficient at it I don’t know if you can help me here
Thanks for everything

He waited until I was four months postop to give me the CPM machine and I only had it for two weeks . I got up to about 105° of flexion with that machine . My mom had one postop at MGH years ago and I remember using them in the early 80s and most likely the early 90s as a nurse . I don’t care what the doctors say I think they are helpful for people that don’t do passive exercises as much as they should. We’re all guilty of the fact that when we’re under supervision of a therapist that we perform more exercises when we are pushed. With a machine you set it for the allotted time and settings and you just endure it. Feel like everything else they get rid of a good product and then 10 years from now they’ll be bringing it back Mark my words !