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@rosemarya That is pretty . I envoy all you quilters I don't have the patients forsewing in any shape or form. But just painting I do I want to get watercolors next and try. My son is finally back from his 3 week hike in Yosemite there where 2 mishaps. Doug was airlifted to safety as his mental state overpowered him and Chuck ended up with twisted knees his legs and feet are swollen and had a puncture wound. They didn't reach there goal but are going back next year to finish . Hikers ? My son has a very good head on him and usually is the leader so he only has a beard which is coming of before he goes back to work. Glad it wasn't any worse

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Replies to "@rosemarya That is pretty . I envoy all you quilters I don't have the patients forsewing..."

Lioness, please no envy. You have your own gifts for expression thru your color projects. I like the puzzle like challenges in any project!
I’m happy that your son is ok. Yosemite is a beautiful place.
Do you know that you can get watercolor pencils? They look and behave like colored pencils, but you can use a good quality soft water color brush that holds a good point, and add a whole new look to a colored page? You can even add more pencil w/o the wet brush for a variety of effects!
Yes, my hubby and I do hike. Favorite places are national parks (Love the senior park pass!)

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