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Medical marijuana for neuropathy

Neuropathy | Last Active: Oct 25, 2021 | Replies (46)

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Have spinal stenosis and neuropathy in my feet! Tried everything! Primary told me to try medical marijuana! This is all new to me! Anyway, tried vaping about 10 different strands! Really wierd! Pain free!

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Is medical marijuana different than regular marijuana? I have smoked marijuana for neuropathy pain, and it totally helped the pain. However, I was "high." and I would not want to be high in order to get rid of pain. It's ok when I am desperate for pain relief, but I would not want it to be what I do to not be in pain on a regular basis. Because of this, I have used Kratom. Kratom really helps pain, without making me high. It works better than anything I know. However, I know I need to be careful using it. Marijuana will be legalized in Illinois in January. That will help me to decide if marijuana is something I want to use for pain. I am glad you are not in pain. Neuropathy can be so severe and horrid. It is good you are getting relief. Lori

Hi @wilcy, This discussion is pretty similar to another discussion you started. I'm tagging our moderator @lisalucier to see if we should combine this discussion here so more members will see your post and it will bring the two discussions together.

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I don’t smoke but I have had Amazing relief using RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) or FECO (full extract cannabis oil) My Neuropathy, My Tinnitus, and my Depression Have all improved!

@wilcy – I did move your other similar discussion on medical marijuana for neuropathy here to join this one so all those talking about this topic could be together in one place.

Are you pursuing other therapies in addition to the medical marijuana at this time for your spinal stenosis and neuropathy, or just focusing on that one?

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