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Medical marijuana for neuropathy

Neuropathy | Last Active: Oct 25, 2021 | Replies (46)

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I would try different strains of marijuana. They can be different. You may also want to try Kratom, which can also be quite relaxing and help pain. I get mine from Happy Hippo, on line. You buy a slow strain, which is quite relaxing and helps pain. Some CBD drops and salve, applied directly to the feet, can help. Not all Kratom or CBD drops are equal, in any way, so buying quality products are essential. I have done extensive research, and like the products I buy. The pain of neuropathy is so hard to bare. I wish you well. I try to keep as busy as I possibly can, and when it is way too much, I will do the CBD drops or Kratom. The darn meds for Neuropathy seem to do little. Good luck. Lori Renee

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Tks, am researching now!


Which brand of CBD drops help with neuropathy of your feet?

I have neuropathy for over 25 years and found the only things that helps is oxycodone. I have been on it for 6 years now and it does work. I get a months supply from my Doctor for only 28 days. I tried all the others and this is the only one that actually works. THE DOWNSIDE is you get hooked. Even with what I take I worked at a rehab facility and taught not to use them or any other opioids. My doctor said at anytime I use marijuana I will be off the opioids prescribed by him and the pain center.
I suggest anyone not to get one them unless you such severity as I have it.
I stated earlier in another comment that I have found a DR. that hopefully will preform an operation on my legs to reduce pressure or compression of nerves. After I get this procedure and it works I will surely shout it out.