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Intractable Pain (IP) Doctors

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Have you much luck with Kratom? I have heard good and bad things about it.

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I do think that Kratom is good, but you have to experiment with different strains and amounts. I have found the Happy Hippo company, and the slow strains are the best to destress from pain and actually help the pain itself. I have found that about a teaspoon of the powdered Kratom into about two ounces of water is the right amount, but I have used somewhat more at times. I mix the Kratom into the water, and just chug it down in one nasty gulp. The stuff does not taste good. In about ten minutes, or maybe less, I get very relaxed without feeling drugged. I just feel good. As far as the pain, it has gone away when I use the stuff. Unfortunately, it only lasts about an hour, to an hour and a half or so. But often when it wears off, the pain is gone. I think I prefer it to CBD drops, but I do take them too. Check out the Happy Hippo company on line, slow strains for relaxation and pain. They are a darn good company with fresh product. Shipping is fast, and they give Kratom samples. I actually really liked one of the samples. Give the stuff a try. Get past the yucky flavor, gulp it down, and feel better. Best on an empty stomach. Effects are best this way. Good luck, pain warrior. No fun at all. Lori Renee