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jadillow….I have quite a few heart issues. Most recently (Oct.2018) I was diagnosed with AFIB which lead to an ablation in March. A month or two later, I began having pain in my right side that radiated to back, under my right shoulder blade and sometimes behind sternum. (I also have some GERD issues) I have panic disorder and was told these pains were triggered by my cardiac anxiety. About a month later I had a CT scan and was told by the gastroenterologist I have gallstones that, right now, are not real bad but can, occasionally, cause the type of pains I was having. (I was told by this doctor that eventually I WILL have to have my gallbladder removed) He is now on my roster of doctors I see who are "keeping their eyes" on one thing or another. And now I've forgotten what the point was I was trying to make. Sorry, senior moment. I think it had something to do with doctors being too quick to lay the blame on anxiety. Of course these highly trained doctors and specialists have far greater knowledge than us lay people, but WE know our bodies better than they do. Maybe it IS anxiety. FINE! I'll gladly accept that diagnosis AFTER you have done your job and ruled out other possibilities. Just DO NOT blow me off because I have an anxiety disorder. I KNOW I'm the patient that is a pain in your butt, but the pains are REAL to ME. You told me the pains I was feeling were anxiety from my heart surgery, but the pictures I was shown of my gallstones were NOT imaginary…..my anxiety did not create them. I apologize if this post turned into a rant that was totally off point, but I do want to say that we must now become our own advocates. Once it's written in our charts that "THE PATIENT IS ANXIOUS," unless we are extremely lucky to have a very compassionate doctor, we might as well just go home. You asked if anyone had a suggestion. My suggestion is to remain open to the idea that your anxiety COULD be the problem, but discuss possible tests to rule our other issues for peace of mind. It's no skin off your doctor to order some tests. It may bruise his/her ego. Oh well. Being told it's "just anxiety" can do a lot worse than bruise MY ego. (I'm not crazy. My mother had me tested!)

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Thanks. I have had ecco, stress test, multiple ecgs and holster monitor for 21 days. They say no issue but I’m not convinced