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Extra beat

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Yes, the pain is between the shoulder blades and lower, too…as I recall. I think they are right when they say that pain has no memory. I ask my husband to bang on my back (like burping a baby!) to release the air and get relief!
Are you concerned that the pain is heart related? My cardiologist who treated me for Afib, asked me if I had any pain that MOVED. He said that heart pain, wherever it is located, does not tend to stay in one location. It moves down the arm, up to the jaw and doesn't stay still.
This pain that I have is definitely reflux/GERD related. I don't want to go on Nexium. I know that I should go on a special diet AND lose weight and not go to bed after having eaten. I can fix this without drugs which is what I prefer to do and must do. The pain which usually comes on at night is very painful. I pace around and keep banging my back on the door frame to try to eliminate the pain and trapped gas.

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Yes I am worried it’s heart related. At times I get cold seats but I think it may be anxiety kicking in. As far as my back goes it starts in one spot and moves after a few minutes