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We lived 4 1/2 hours from our transplant hospital and anticipated it would take about 2 years until I would receive a liver transplant based on information from my doctors and reading transplant information online. We talked about getting together a bag when or if I would get a call for a transplant. Life had a different plan for us. We lived in the path of Hurricane Michael last October and our home was badly damaged and unlivable due to water and mold from roof damage. My health took a turn for the worse the last week of October, I was hospitalized 3 times before my transplant the beginning of February of this year and my doctors requested we stay near Mayo in Jacksonville during the wait. We only had a few sets of clothing and minimal toiletries with us because we only came for a 3 day stay for a paracentisis. My husband purchased clothing and whatever we needed. My advice would be to prepare your hospital bag and get all of your personal business in order even if you don’t anticipate a call soon. We did get our will, power of attorney and advance directive in order. I agree with the ideas posted by others in this group. Thanks to everyone who contributed ideas! (Our house is almost finished and we plan to move back, God willing!)

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Hi flagal. I am your neighbor living in Michael territory. It's been a long recovery and we still see the devastation every day. I'm waiting on a kidney transplant and trying to get preparation advice from everyone's comments.

@flagal22, You have shared some very important advice about being prepared. We just have no way to know when that call or change of circumstances will interrupt any plans. I was fortunate that my husband was such a good planner, because I was quite ill before I ended up in ICU in Ky and missed my outpatient appointment at Mayo Rochester. I had to be flown to Rochester. My husband was permitted only 1 small carryon bag on the medical flight. At least he could go along! I had only the hospital pj's and after a 2 week hospital stay, he had to purchase me to wear.
I hope that your home will be ready soon. That will be a wonderful event for you and your husband! Adjusting to life with the new organ is a crash course in life changes by itself, plus you have been hit with more than in imaginable.
How are you feeling since the transplant? Would you be interested in some post transplant information?

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