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I have thought about getting a second opinion. Actually just had a genetic test done to see if my dna had any sort of trait for high temperatures. That came back negative for any dna trait. I did see a mental health counselor and she said it was panic attacks, but I cannot fully believe that because each episode that takes me to the ER has been different. I cannot think of anything that would trigger me into an attack either.

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@rjdavis031 I feel @johnbishop may be more on the right track. Sudden high temperatures can lead to shivers/shaking as the body rushes blood to the surface in an attempt to cool down. That can trigger faintness as blood is taken away from some other "jobs". A sudden onset can leave you shaken and anxious, perhaps it is over for the most part before you can present to a medical professional, so it baffles everyone. Can you recall an activity, or meal, or exposure that happens near these episodes? Perhaps an appt with an infectious disease person might shed some light? We care here and want to help. Please let us know what you find out.

@rjdavis031 Ive been reading your post and its is so hard to tell what brings on chills and feves beside illness like colds good choice to advocate for yourselve you can get a 2nd ever 3rd opinion so please do .

I am not a physician, but I am an alum of the great work provided at Mayo, Rochester. My read is that you have spent a lot of time, money and angst, to no avail so far. Call Mayo, get an appointment and let them do a head to toe physical evaluation, and if a psychiatric examination is recommended, the psychiatric service is first rate. I had an ENT issue as a child, and Mayo resolved in 5 days, after 8 years of unanswered issues. I’m almost 72. I was a patient at age 11. I’m still just fine.