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Delayed pain after bone marrow biopsy??

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I had it done at Mayo Clinic. I guess I can contact my care group, but I know its gonna be, you have to come in, maybe xray, maybe MRI doubt a simple diagnosis…So, I'm trying to give it time in case its something I did, and needs to heal. I know they said 1st week not to do anything strenuous, but this came on after 2nd week. Im kinda fed up with myself because its always something to bug me. It was just about completely all better, I wasn't feeling any discomfort…then BOOM!!
Thanks everyone…I'll post back in case I have to call. Was wondering if anything experienced this.

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I have been having burning pain in calf and foot when walking, on the side with the biopsy since bone marrow biopsy. Had some tests to rule out minor things, started having lower back pain and orthopedicst sent me to PT and they say it's the hip.. whole leg is hurting now, muscles. The burning, I keep thinking sciatic nerve pain from some kind of inflammation. Orthopedist says sciatic nerve not near there but I read about some rare things. It is leaving me unable to walk much and I am young and active, had hiked 4 miles right before the biopsy. I am going to press orthopedist to look further and be serious about injury from biopsy. It has been 3 months since the biopsy.

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