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Controlling Tinnitus: What works for you?

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Ah…tinnitus What a noisy little buzz that is always pestering us when we least want it but can't get rid of it. Did you know there are some 50 million plus people with this milady and there is no cure for it? But research is being conducted on it in earnest. https://www.ata.org/news/news There is an actual organization that is exclusively directed towards Tinnitus and all of the information and answers you may have about how you can take care of yourself to minimize the effects of the buzz in your head. https://www.ata.org/understanding-facts Since hearing loss may be a part of the tinnitus or even contributed to the tinnitus, we can't discount learning about this as well. So, surround yourself with information and try to understand what you have and how this all adds up to help you identify what needs to be treated and how you can feel well despite what may not be the best outcome. We can still exist with what we have using tools to help us hear, see, move and exist in our world. We need to discover what those tools are and how they will help us. These organizations and people are there to help us do that. We are here in this place to find what's out there and to bring that here and say, that they have helped me. I have had the buzzing for years because of toxic meds -so it will never go away. I have hearing aids that mask them. I try not to listen to them. I drown them out with background noise, music, TV and other noises so that I don't always know that they are here. If I am busy, I don't know that I am having them. If I talk about them – they become loud. But If I don't talk about them and am busy with activities – they aren't really noisy. Meds I take do influence their effect but I take less of the ones that cause the most side effects. I hydrate myself well so that my body has enough fluids on board. Migraines are also part of my life but I keep my stimuli under control so that my tinnitus are also under control since they seem to work in tandem.
Check out the websites and see what you can find that is applicable to you. Write down those items you have tried and what might work for you. Keep a diary so that you keep track of symptoms – this helps when working with your doctors as it does with my doctors. It provides proof. Eloise

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HI, I'm curious which hearing aids you use to mask tinnitus ?

My tinnitus started while taking the blood pressure medication; Metoprolol, but of course after reading that it may never go away it didn't matter that my cardiologist switched me to Diltiazem. There has to be a cure for this; some day!

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