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Loose stools

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Did you try eliminating dairy by yourself or consulted a doctor?
And i dont really eat any dairy except for yoghurt since i started having loose stools but i didnt even look up for some other food which might be causing the problem as i ate regular meals. I dont know if lactose intolerance can happen all of a sudden though just after moving to a different place. I never had severe stomach pains or so and I ignored it. But now i think about it all the time and make myself go more stressed. I dont want something like IBD to happen but then i also think that it causes severe abdominal pains and diarrhea which is not in my case. Am just clueless now 🙁

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I found in traveling just around our state that water could cause me to have diarrhea. Now we have a water filter under our sink.. they put more chlorine in our city water now… and when traveling bring gallon jugs of water from home. If a long trip we buy filtered water. We do well with refilling our jugs at Public's supermarkets.

I take a probiotic… I tried many of them and Align is only one that works for me. I did not have the problem before having my gallbladder out and Nissen Fundoplication surgery. I could not handle raw foods such a salads before the surgery… diarrhea every time I tried. Ever once in a while I will have a day, but usually because I ate something with a lot of sugar or greasy food.

My best suggestions are keep a food diary and note which foods make your symptoms worse. Drink and cook with filtered water. Take a probiotic to balance the bacteria in your stomach.