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Loose stools

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@messygirl Your symptoms sound pretty much identical to mine, and my problem turned out to be lactose intolerance. I'm not saying you have that, but it does sound like something you eat regularly is causing this. Your best bet would be to try an elimination diet and see if that helps.

I also had little pain or discomfort, just the loose stools and very bad smelling gas. Since eliminating dairy I rarely have a problem. I had a minor one today and I think something I ate must have some lactose hidden in it. The only thing I can think of is coleslaw but I never thought that had any dairy in it. I do get a bit of help if I take Imodium. It's not perfect but it's better than anything else I have tried. Lactaid is of no help.

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I’m so confused on all of the different paths to try to stop the chronic ribs to the bathroom. Test after test and finally one is positive. Fructose malabsorption. Very high intolerance. My elimination diet 10 days now isn’t changing much of anything. Lists of can have can’t have is so hard and low FODMAP Foods Vs High FODMAP Nothing says eliminate dairy which I don’t do except 1/2 and 1/2 very little in am. Can hv some sugars etc. yet still in bathroom 1 to 2 x a day. I’m hardly eating now afraid of reaction with nausea gas upper stomach pain. Etc I’m not celiac no Crohns no bowel disease so why is wheat needed to be stopped on fructose elimination I love salads too and they just cause so much discomfort. I just want things to turn around. No meds. No probiotics no enzymes by doctor Just diet. I eat totally plain and not much different just yet Thanks for letting me vent

Did you try eliminating dairy by yourself or consulted a doctor?
And i dont really eat any dairy except for yoghurt since i started having loose stools but i didnt even look up for some other food which might be causing the problem as i ate regular meals. I dont know if lactose intolerance can happen all of a sudden though just after moving to a different place. I never had severe stomach pains or so and I ignored it. But now i think about it all the time and make myself go more stressed. I dont want something like IBD to happen but then i also think that it causes severe abdominal pains and diarrhea which is not in my case. Am just clueless now 🙁

I take colestipol 1GM in am and one when I eat out or go out