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GERD treatment: Diet vs. drugs

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I have had severe acid reflux for many years probably close to 40. I have taken every PPI i the word and non work for me. due to the acid reflux I have developed erosive gastritis, and esophagitis and a motility disorder. the top 2 muscles in my esophagus no longer work only the bottom one so swallowing food has been a chore. food gets stuck in my throat a lot and i have to bring it back up to get relief of severe chest pain. about 2 weeks ago i gave up on any drugs. I have gone on and ALL alkaline diet very strict, NOTHING acidic, and i juice celery and drink a good glass of it daily and also making fresh ginger tea and taking a strong probiotic 100 billion. drinking at least 4 bottles of water sometimes up to 6. I am using a concentrated mineral drop (40 drops a day) in my water. It seems to be work. after about day 10 i notice a lot of the burning is gone in my belly. and in the morning i dong have such a brown tongue and less acid has come up at night. i do have my bed seriously elevated with the 6 inch blocks plus a sedge pillow so over a foot of elevation. I also gave up LECTINS any food with lectins and that is when i started to see a bigger difference. lectins are know to cause leaky gut and other G I issues and i believe it to be true.so im praying in time what i am doing will help me heal and get over this. the docs said any kind of surgery will make me worse and its a horrible idea and they refuse to do it (3 surgeons) so this is my only hope. Oh also i drink ALOE GEL not the juice but the GEL its much thicker. just a shot in the morning and the evening and nothing afterwards for at least 30 min. it has to be the gel. at night i also use a heating pad with a damp cloth to its moist heat on my neck and moving it doing on my belly and it seems to soothe everything and bring blood flow to the area. also if i take 1/4 teaspoon of backing (aluminum free) in 4 ounces of water each morning and evening and it kills the acid immediately. so this is what i am doing and it does really seem to be starting to work after 2 weeks now. hope this help someone who suffers for the same things as i do. i does work but takes time but im healing something i have had at least 30 to 35 years so it wont happen overnight. i have just begun walking and doing some step aerobic because stress relief is part of the big answer. stress can do severe damage to the entire body i know it is what happened to me.

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Have you ever looked into the LINX Augmentation procedure? Look up Dr. Lipham at USC on Youtube. I had it done in September 2018 and it solved my problem.