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Decreased energy after waking up

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@aliali For me, the problem is most often simply that I have so many nighttime bathroom calls. That really disrupts my sleep. When I am anxious about something that causes me to have problems getting to sleep also, so when I have both of those I wake up exhausted. I generally get up, do whatever such as dressing, having breakfast, and my fatigue is generally relieved to an extent that I can continue with my day. On the days when I get up and find myself continuing to really drag, and almost feel woozy from inadequate sleep, I go back and take a nap. If I go two or three nights with inadequate sleep I have a tiny prescription of lorazepam (my PCP gives me about 10, lowest dosage, pills a year!) and I will take one. That does help.

There are things that can help with sleep but if you are getting enough sleep then your problem is entirely different. I do occasionally use Benadryl (the generic labeled as a sleep aid) or 3mg of melatonin. I do not like to use anything too regularly though because everything is habit forming.

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You’ve mentioned the issue of nocturia to your MD?

Regarding melatonin, it helped my fall asleep, but didn’t help me sleep calmly and soundly. The countless issues in my life are easily dealt with if I control my depression and stress