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Decreased energy after waking up

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There are any number of things affecting sleep patterns. One of the areas to consider is apnea. I got a cpap and was much better off for it. That being said, one needs a doc to send you for a sleep study to determine the time in each stage of sleep. I gained weight and that likely was a major contributing factor but it’s not always the only one.

There are plenty of things to tinker with before that to rule out other causative or contributory factors.

Dark room: so your body registers it’s time to sleep. City lights and other sources can interfere. I use blackout curtains.

Silence though that varies. I like a white noise like a fan.

No stimulation before bed. I’m shaky on the time gap between activity and sleep but television and the like ramps up the mind for hours.

Stimulants like sugars and caffeine certainly don’t help and I’ve read that those can take six hours or more to run their course.

Despite having a sedative effect, alcohol disrupts sleep.

I take melatonin and theanine because they’re otc and don’t interact with Rx. Melatonin only signals the body it’s time to sleep but doesn’t help you sleep well. Theanine supposedly helps improve sleep itself.

My psychiatrist warned against using Benadryl for any length of time as it can disrupt things if you stop.

If the neurotransmitters are off, none of this make make that much difference, but they are worth exploring as relatively simple fixes, save the sleep study which is more involved.

As always, mention what your doing to the MD so that they can give feed back should something about these change.

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@renwald ;
I cannot describe how depression changed my life. Every issue I experience was due to depression. For instance, backache, headache, oversleeping and overeating, having an overly oily skin etc are all caused by depression. I remember when I better controlled depression in the past. I slept much better. I can confidently attribute my pool sleep to depression and anxiety without hesitance! I never changed my mattress or the adjust the lighting and noise in my bedroom. However, if my mood is good, I sleep calmly!