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abopp2022 (@abopp2022)

Is it really Walking Pneumonia?

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No, sir. Its July 6 at 11:34, and i feel awful. I've seen like 4 different doctors. 1. said i had a summer cold 2. said i had just anxiety 3. said i had in between pnemonia and broncitis. 4. never diagnosed me. I keep feeling worse and worse and I'm trusting God and praying. And I know something is wrong but why cant they figure it out. I dont know what to do anymore. I'm scared something is really wrong. And I'm fixing to lose my insurance since I'll be 19. And I'm scared my blood pressure is up. I dont know what to do. I know something is wrong but no doctor here is listening. What do I do???

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Hi abopp2022, I am so sorry that you haven't been able to get relief from whatever is happening to you. With a steroid shot, sometimes one might get a bit jittery, but it normally doesn't last too long, with steroid pills that is another story, they can make you very nervous and anxious, cry, and even want to swing from the chandelier at least that has been my reaction and I can't tolerate the pills. Do you feel like doing something for someone in need, such as a nursing home even if it is just going in to read to someone who can't see to read anymore? Sometimes it helps radically when we are feeling down and thinking of our problems, to help someone else, that gets our mind off of ourselves. Perhaps you might take short walks starting with just a few steps if that is all you feel like, then work up to longer ones. It is so frustrating when we feel bad and the docs can't pinpoint the problem, but it looks like you have had an x-ray and it looked ok. Our feelings can do strange and sometimes terrifying things to our body and diarrhea, heartburn and chest pain is no stranger when we are upset. Talk to yourself like the little train, I think I can, I think I can—I know I can and give yourself confidence that you are worthy to have a good healthy life!
Looks like you might have a little Pug friend from your post picture, so just love it and care for it, and get better so you can enjoy each other.Thinking of you and saying a Prayer that all will get better soon!