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Chronic sore throat, neck/ear pain

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So I went to the ENT last Friday (5 days ago). She did a scope and said everything looked normal. They took a bunch of blood for a bunch of different things (mostly autoimmune) and all came back negative. Her guess was that it was either silent reflux and/or hidden tonsil stones. She sent me for a neck CT and it only revealed an enlarged left tonsil. By the time the CT came back Monday my throat and neck had been hurting for almost a month and for at least a week it was also my tongue, soft palate, and floor of the mouth all on left side. She prescribed me Augmentin I suppose just to try something. I began it Monday night and after two doses the pain was gone and had not come back. I’ve been pain free for 36 hours! It’s crazy since the strep was negative and they say even if it is strep it should clear itself within 10 days if you don’t treat. I wonder if there’s another bacteria this could be. It’s bizarre.

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Would love to know if you found relief. I have a lot of the same symptoms. I had eagle syndrome surgery in June and was hoping symptoms would resolve but they have not