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It makes me feel better that you have made the choice of finding the right oncologist for you. My first one was a good doctor I think, but he was unreasonable when he would not get a second reading on my diagnostic mamo….the report was full of errors and I asked for a second reading by a different radiologist and he said NO….WE HAVE GOOD DRs….who don’t know their left from their right and what years the two different cancers happened in and even more. He also yelled at me and told me the reason why I had anxiety was because I wouldn’t pay out of pocket for psychological counseling…WTH? Maybe I had anxiety because it was my second cancer and a radiologist had misdiagnosed it twice even though it clearly showed up on mamo and ultrasound…also I have great insurance so why would I even think of paying out of pocket…I still don’t get it, him throwing this in my face. The second was a woman that did not want to answer my questions and huffed out of the room when I pointed out she was wrong about a test report I had with me. Who needs someone who does not want to relate and who has you in a slot that says if this then that. Running out of the room was very unprofessional…she would not admit she was wrong. I think some of these doctors do not want us to read and understand our reports. Now I am looking for number 3. I sure hope I make a better choice this time.

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Sandy – My husband was diagnosed with a Stage 4 cancer of unknown primary about a year and a half ago. They said he would die in a few months. Thankfully they have been wrong but we still struggle with what the heck is going on. During our oncology visit to discuss options for treatment and getting the thin diagnosis of 'we just don't know'………the oncologist got up and said she had to see another patient (15 minutes in to the appointment). She said the patient she needed to see was 'really sick'………..like a terminal man isn't. She was also my oncologist. We changed immediately. I was taking notes for my husband and holding a ball point pen. I was so angry when she got up and left I looked down and I had cracked that pen in half. Trust me, I'm not that strong, ha ha.
We now have a doctor who listens, who is compassionate and never scoffs at our questions or concerns. It's too important not to have a doctor who will work with you.

I just love when doctors are unable to confront their own human imperfection. A male friend spent 15 minutes listening to a doctor describe the several things wrong with him in an uninterruptible monologue while staring at his X-rays. When the doctor was finished with the bad news, my friend suggested that that was probably all wrong.

The doctor condescended
to point out that he is a doctor and my friend is not and therefore his opinion was less important than the doctor's. My friend said the doctor is still wrong and he can prove it. The doctor asked how he can prove it and my friend walked over to the X-ray to point out that it wasn't his name on it. He suggested that the doctor use his superior medical education to find the X-ray with my friend's name on it before diagnosing my friend's medical challenges.

I pointed out to my friend that, had he been a female patient, the doctor would likely have been even more annoying and dismissive…and his wife seconded that appraisal.