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Larry (@crashnam)

Recent Ablation: Wait and See If Working

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@crashnam Hi Larry… I was wondering if your EP mentioned the 3 month 'blanking' period where you are expected to have episodes/PVCs etc as you recover from the procedure. I have done quite a bit of research about success rates for ablations and note that there really is no consensus about what that means. Generally though 1 or 2 months after is a little too soon but it is great that you are feeling better and that the ablation only lasted 4 hours, which to me means that it was not too challenging to fix I did ask my EP a year after my second ablation, when I have not had an episode – and he did confirm then that it was successful. He had given it only a 50/50 chance so either I was very lucky or I had a really good EP or both. Never mind that I may have to do it again. It feels strange in a way to think of it as a success when the procedure keeps you free from afib for 'only' a year but that is what it is. Mary

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Had all kinds of PVC's for 40-plus years after returning from Vietnam. Some just nuisances, but many very frightening at work and play. Developed Paraxymal AFIB 6 years ago. First episode lasted 14 hours at 200 BPM. Needless to say, PVC's got worse alone with it, and AFIB incidents started to become more frequent. Didn't want to take much medication so I stuck with just Eloquis and Metropolol and some vitamins. Three weeks prior to ablation AFIB was kicking in about every day, and the night before had a 9 hour episode. Felt a little strange after leaving the hospital with a little racing now and then and some PVC's, but I hung and started feeling better each day. Have had a few quick AFIB episode for anywhere from 10 seconds to 30 seconds. No problem. Was just scared it would kick in for a long episode but it hasn't. One month free now. Dr. said at some point may need some touch up if it starts bothering me too much, but I as well would gladly have it done.