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Pain around pacemaker site

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I had a Medtronix pacemaker implanted in February 2019, so I am still getting used to it. Wondering if anyone has had sharp pain, stabbing pain at times, around the pacemaker site. It is not on the incision, rather it is "around" the site, especially near the shoulder and pec muscles. Feels like someone is stabbing me with a knife at times, and seems to generate in the area where I can feel where the lead attached to the pacemaker unit. My battery life has dropped significantly in my 4 months, and is now down to 4.5 years for replacement.

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Read your post last night and that you mentioned your battery going low, not sure what model you have but you should read the link below and check yours.

Thanks for link and information! A friend sent this to me in May, and yes I do have one of the listed model numbers affected. My EP Cardiologist does not feel that has contributed, rather it is taking more voltage to contract my heart. However, I am going to Mayo in early Aug to get second opinion.

I also have a medtronics PM, that is on the list....the last time I was at the cardio docs office, not a soul there knew anything about this fda warning until I handed to them....I actually had to force them to set up mine so it reports the battery use every 30 days....If I were to see a drop on battery life I think I would have to insist on changing this out. at their expense of course...good luck hope all works out for you.....

I had Medtronic implanted Sept.2018 at MayoClinic. I also have had sharp pains where you do..even into my shoulder. I still have achy feeling right over PM but sharper pains have diminished in past couple months. I always feel it.. it never lets me forget its there. My local EP even said she can’t imagine having a PM in her chest..wow...she realized immediately what she had just said to me!
As to being notified about MEDTRONIC warning...( mine is on list) my Mayo EP nor local EP notified me. I read it on a tweet in May from an EP at the HRS conference. My wireless reading shows an appropriate loss of battery so far. I am really nervous about a planned European trip later this year and won’t be taking my bedside wireless monitor. I have been reassured by Medtronic rep that when I get back home, it will download automatically precious days away from it. Easy for them to say !

Yes!!!! Had Medtronic pace and Defibrillator installed 10/20. I have stings and horrible burning. Have a large keloid forming. Told Doc. Waiting for appt with cardiac electro physiologist. Not that I am happy you have this horrid pain, but glad I found you. I called Medtronic, they would not talk except to say they had calls about the stings/burn and check with doctor. Had 3 month check. Technician said device working great...had knowledge that device feels like it stings/ burns worse on slight body frames...waiting...