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Pain around pacemaker site

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Dorothy, I agree with Robin that this is something that should not be ignored. Whether the cause is the pacemaker or not, cramping in the chest area requires attention.

I'm bringing fellow members @cmensinger @yoanne @exboater @eileena and @lmclaugh into this discussion. They all have experiences with pacemakers and may have some thoughts to add. You may also be interested in this discussion:

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Dorothy, have you considered getting a second opinion from another cardiologist? If the cramping continues, I too recommend going to the ER.

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hello dorothy,
I definitely agree with the answers, you got.. I got my two chamber pacemaker 17 months ago. I had a check after 11 months. I was told everything o.k. At that moment they did not an echocardiography, otherwise they should have noticed that I was NOT o.k. I was developing a heart failure. I knew that I had a lot of A-Fib's (nothing to worry about, I was reassured).40 percent of the recipients have A-Fibs.)
These A-Fib's induced a ventricular arrhythmia. , leading to the heart failure. Like you it was very difficult to get an appointment. The nurse only found a date in MAY!!! So I had to wait 4 months. My family doctor got an earlier date. I had to wait ONLY 2 weeks. Honestly said, I was an emergency. I learned that a pacemaker can also cause problems or complications, so do not hesitate !!!
I did not have your discomfort around the site of implantation. In this context maybe an interesting tip (not for you). I am left handed, I was sedated before the implantation . The cardiologist did not discuss or explain, what he intended to do. otherwise I would have asked him to implant the device at the right site. a couple of weeks ago I had an unpleasent experience, I washed my curtains and put them back on the rails( correct american?), of course with my left hand. Afterwards I had a long period of irregular heart beats,( one hour.).
I hope you will get an answer soon.

I have a pacemaker now for one and a half year. Done under general anaesthetic, never any problems or side effects, I often forget I have it. I am sorry to hear about Robin. You should not have any pain. Go to Emergency, don’t give up. My best wishes Robin,