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Late Stage Primary Sjogren's Syndrome

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Hi Gem @gemmax — After reading your post I ran across an article from January 2018 and thought that it might offer some helpful information.

Management of primary Sjögren’s syndrome: recent developments and new classification criteria

With all of your other symptoms you mentioned that the doctors are looking at the addition to your problems of MS. Have you ever heard of Dr. Terry Wahls? She has an amazing story of how she is able to control her MS symptoms through diet. It was her book The Wahls Protocol that got me started at eating better to help with my neuropathy and other autoimmune symptoms. You can read her story here: https://terrywahls.com/about/about-terry-wahls/

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@johnbishop Thank you for the links. I am printing one so the I can study it at my leisure. I am diabetic so I work with a dietician. For years I have eaten mostly fresh vegetables and a few whole grains. I had to add back in some tiny servings lean beef just recently because I have severe anemia that is responding to treatment very slowly. I believe that Dr Wahls' book is in my library.

Please forgive me if I posted in the wrong place. Here it goes…. I have Sjogren's, Fibromyalgia, Raynaud's, Osteopenia, High Blood Pressure, Kidney Disease, Skin sores and Scaly Patches, Dry Skin, Reflux, Infections from Allergies, Over Weight, Arthritis, Tinnitus, Hair Loss in my ear to, Thyroid, Constipation, Hot Flashes and Sweats, NOW a small spot on my scull/brain (?) on the front right side near my eye and temporal area, maybe early Brain Fog "Senior Moments" / light Dementia – I am 65 now. I have started having a little tingling there but it is spreading toward the left back side and down my neck and shoulders. Ohhh yea Depression and Anxiety. I saw a Neurologist and he showed me my brain scan. Then he show me another persons brain scan with very advanced problems of dementia. The Dr. said pointing to my dime size white spot "tumor" and said you do not have any problems with dementia. Since then I have developed the tingling / fire cracker effects in my head. When I laugh to hard I feel like I am going faint and fall. I love to laugh but that is scary. I take 8 or 9 bottles of medications a day. The tingling has me concerned. I read a post on Primary Sjogren's then the up to date diagnosis and results it is mind boggling. I was diagnosed at 28 or 29 years old but it started at with dry hands at 19. I joined the Air Force at 23 years old then the symptoms increased including fatigue and migraines.