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Does anyone have experience with Mirtazapine?

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Thanks Lisa. I’ll be off the Amitriptyline by Wednesday this week. 2 tonight (Monday here in NZ) , 1 Tuesday. I will increase the mirtazapine from 15mg after a week to 30mg. Hopefully it will have a sedating affect by then!

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@carolcs. Good morning. @lisalucier has suggested that I jump in here. I am currently getting off Nortryptilene. The first 30 days went reasonably well. The next 30 days may be more difficult…down to 10 mg per day for the next 30 days. It is a little scary. We seem to treat some of these medications like crutches…..to help us get through our day. And I am like a detective watching every possible incidence of depression or anxiety. However, Nortryptilene is an older medication and I have already ramped up the duloxetine with my clinician's support.

I should tell you that I use Medical Cannabis for sleep aid and pain management. One dropper of CBD/THC and I am able to rest without waking during the night because of electric shocks or the burns inside my skin. Good luck and be free of suffering. Chris

Hi again, Have just increased my 15mg mirtazapine to 30mg last night as my GP prescribed this increase after a week of being on mirtazapine. (for Anxiety and related insomnia) . Had had two good sleeps prior with 1/4 lorazepam , 15mg mirtazapine and 7.5 zopiclone.
So….the new regime started last night. Got to sleep after an hour of taking it but woke an hour later, dozed and woke another hour later. Because I didn’t want to go thru the terrible in and out of sleep all night that I experienced 3 nights ago I got up and had 1 zopiclone (imovane). An hour later still awake! Up again Feeling dizzy and another half zopiclone. Waited to no avail! Up again feeling dizzy and took another half so two in total. Finally slept! But now what do I do tonight! Take the 30mg mirtazapine again and just try sleeping thru if I wake? Appreciate any advice…thank you…

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