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Merry, Volunteer Mentor (@merpreb)

High Humidity and Lung Health for all breathing problems

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Hi @merpreb, thank you for sharing.

I wanted to tag @joelars @joangma @waterboy @windwalker @migizii and @heathert as they may have thoughts on this.

Merry, if you have to be outside for activities when there is high humidity what do you do to combat the negative affects?

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@ethanmcconkey– Good morning Ethan. There are absolutely no activities that I HAVE to do outside when there is high humidity. High humidity effects are different for every person. I have to watch it when humidity levels go above 60%. Unless you are on oxygen there is nothing that you can do to combat high humidity except go into a building with air conditioning. What activities can you do if you find it very difficult to breathe?
When the air is hot there will be more moisture in the air. when it's cooler outside the air is denser and holds less moisture even if it's raining. It's still much less than if there was higher heat.
I would suggest that using a rescue inhaler about 15 minutes before going outside is a good start to see if you can move around without losing your breath or not being able to take a deep breath.
Some people are more effected by colder temperatures. You have to know what your triggers are so that you can really manage your health and what's best for you.
Here are a few things to think about to help:
@heathert – Good morning to you. I imagine that you have a pulmonologist so you might want to ask her if there is a pulmonary rehab program in your local hospital or some place else. The program that I took was wonderful. They teach you all sorts of breathing techniques in all sorts of circumstances. Or you might google Pulmonary Rehab for your area. It's worth it. It has meant the difference between being house bound and not for me.
We have never spoken. I have lung cancer, multifocal adenocarcinoma of the lung. This means that I grow more than one cancer at a time in my lung(s). My first cancer was in 1997. My last cancer was not quite 3 years ago.
You should never be in a position where your lips turn blue. That means that you aren't getting enough oxygen to keep all of your organs healthy. Instead of bending over, even to vacuum, side step or kneel. There are breathing exercise to help with this but I am not qualified to teach them. Do you know if you have a Pulmonary Rehab program near you?