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Re: Aimovig injections – since i have NDPH, not migraines, my neurologist had to fight to get approval for me to try it at all. Because of the cost, the Powers That Be didn't want to give it to me without the "correct" diagnosis. Ultimately, since nothing else has worked, I was approved for max 3 doses. The 3rd dose was a double dose. Since there were no positive effects, we didn't push for any further doses. My neurologist said if it was going to work at all, it would have worked by/with the third double dose. But my pain levels were unchanged. I recall that another drug I tried had similar heart racing side effects. I think it was Venlafaxine, but that one also had a bunch of other side effects that made it impossible to try long term. It also provided no relief or change. I've pretty much exhausted the list of treatments – even my long term use of CBD tinctures and capsules has not provided any noticeable benefit re: NDPH (plenty of other interesting benefits, as well as learning that I have an adverse reaction to THC). My sister still suggests electroconvulsive therapy to "reset" my brain. I never can tell for sure whether she's kidding (sisters, you know LOL), but with as often as she's suggested it, I think she's serious. I'll have to ask my neurologist about that.

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@quazar There is a headache device sometimes called the
'migraine pacemaker' – it's a neurostimulator. It appears to be useful with certain headaches like cluster headaches. Has your doctor discussed this device with you? The device is implanted most often in the chest (not deep) with leads going up to the temples and forehead. Some patients have had excellent results. It's a same-day procedure. I looked into it for my chronic intractable migraines but, stats show it works better for other types of chronic headaches.