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Bowel incontinence

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…basically this man's fecal incontinence was not the IBS he had been told he had for years – even now doctors, some, paint every bowel issue with the IBS paint brush. The very first time he had accident in clothing, went to Dr who didnt even examine him properly and promptly told him he had ibs !!! And it gets worse. I could loan you the book mail it to you and you could mail it back? Or maybe library has it: Faecal (Fecal) Incontinence is it really IBS? by T.R.Lewis It is mainly for those with predominantly fecal incontinence, which I didnt have until after c.diff. J.

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Thank you, @lacy2 I appreciate your offer but I don't need the book. I was just curious if fecal incontinence can actually be IBS. I am quite certain that mine is not.

I was not cut when my son was born, I ripped. My son was large and back labor. The doctor who delivered him was an absolute jerk, and sometime after that was sued and may even have lost his license. He was covering for my doctor who was on vacation. He said he couldn't do a caesarian because I was overweight and there would be too much risk of infection! Then, when he was delivering my son he actually told my husband that he might have to jump up on me and crush the baby's shoulders because they were big shoulders for a baby and may not fit through!

Of course I switched doctors for my next child, I didn't want to risk him being the backup again for my doctor.

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