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How do you deal with dry eyes?

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@ess77 May I ask what "Bruder" is? thanks so much for sharing

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@bustrbrwn22 Dure! Gotta' laugh, since I just threw it out there, didn't I? So sorry…Bruder is a co that makes medical supplies for eye…at the instruction of my Opthomologist at Mayo, I ordered some things for my eyes…..eye patches filled with little beads you warm in the microwave; a spray I use on my lids a couple times daily, very cooling and let it dry a few seconds – cleans the lid surface; couple of other items I got since on sale….I'm a SUCKER!

Also got a sinus mask with beads to warm a few seconds in microwave and melt as it takes away the sinus/eye pain, etc. The products are well made, exactly as presented, work wonders for me.

Used eye masks last nite and no night eye issues. I'm still using the steroid drops, thank the good Lord for those. This is the first time in years I can see clearly, all the time! with no pain and not much itch or blur or other stuff. I still get double vision when i'm tired. Doctor says now it's caused by weakened muscles – my body and muscles don't get along well.

I take dopamine to help and it gives my legs ability to walk better, lift and don't feel like tree trunks anymore. Dopamine is good stuff for me. I've needed to improve the dopamine level in my brain for a long time, but finally, taking it for RLS, I find it helps tremendously with other muscle/movement/depression/me issues. Love the stuff! Parkinson's is a possibility……

Amazing…back on the eye diagnosis-.sarcoid and everyone missed it even tho I mentioned it to each doc. Sarcoid can blind a person. I thought I was going blind as nothing cleared up for weeks…..just plain scary…..but sight is back and good and I'm better. And, I'll use the Bruder items forever I'm sure. They are truly helpful. Wonder why no other doctor has ever mentioned any of these solutions? I'm thrilled this one did! It has led to good things, especially with the pollen season exploding and I'm covered in yellow! …Blessings, BB22. elizabeth