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How do you deal with dry eyes?

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@sunny1971 oh I cant stay away…such a thirst for information and trying a little bit to offer help or tell my story; an ophthalmologist does some surgery but is there a limit to their knowledge/expertise? I have twice had it done in their office and ws not as comfortable with it as if it had been day surgery in a hospital.
I annually saw a vitriol specialist several years in a row out of town before diagnozed with glaucoma… i had had laser where i live and left me with floaters. He mentioned a cataract starting and that he could remove and 'clean up the eye at the same time' i presume do surgery and I think they replace vitreous with a liquid – sorry its some time ago but can be checked on internet; however, I do understand that it is not always successful if it was I think all of us with floaters would rush to have it done/…there is a post on here somewhere and a man has been seeking someone to remove his floaters and it has not been easy to find and last person/surgeon he saw is deciding whether or not to even do the surgery….
what peeked my curiosity is the being away from Florida for 8 weeks… was it the pain in his eye that cleared up while on the island, or the floater? I know sometimes on an overcast day or where I am sitting myfloaters are not as noticeable, another day looking out of a window its like puffs of smoke; looking over a sunny lake i see black dots…. am sure you will get lots of responses i am curiius to read them too. As far as eye drops – well, its never ending search in my opinion, for some of us. J.

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the pain yes, cleared up and the light sensitivity, which i didnt even mention, from the start of all this 1 omg i have been thru enough with him suffering and complaining, but i understand too !anyway he just went for it he is 67m healthy and decided to get out of fla, and go surfing ( his passion) for 2 months ! best thing he ever did, instead of hoping and praying on doctors !!!!