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How do you deal with dry eyes?

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@lacy2. I totally agree and am just figuring that out for my own body! 55 yo and just figuring that out, crazy. My sister had the narrow vision and the surgery corrected her vision but she takes no other medication. She’s almost 80, very overweight, and has no other issues while the me and one of my other sisters have all kinds of issues and we were the ones that worked out, ate healthy, watched our weight, etc. go figure

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Hi all? i am writing in response to" weiss ring", who posted re: a floater, via vitreous detachment. My husband had cataract sx in june,2020, since then so many issues ! sx went well however, a large floater developed on side of eye. went to 5 opthalmologists, and all they did was of course, prescribe drops, hes been on so many drops, cant keep up the list ! really? after reading all of your posts, i find he is not alone ! i wonder about these doctors and why no one can really find why these things occur. He does have sinus issues, living here in humid florida. I know the eye is affected by the sinus cavity, no eye doctor will tell him that, but he did go to an ENT, she said she couldnt find anything wrong. He has some pain in right eye after, almost 9-10 months now, off and on.
he went s far as leaving town, to an island in caribbean, for 8 weeks, and his eye LITERALLY , cleared up !! i was shocked.
he is back in florida with same issues. Go fiqure! he probably will have to move there ! anyone????