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Dry eyes

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Glaucoma.org (based out of San Francisco) and many other sites have some good lists of the types of Glaucoma drops, and brand name and generic name of each type of drop and show the main side effects.

I also have chronic dry eyes and floaters from laser surgery for holes in vitreous quite a few years ago, plus glaucoma and aging… have woken to double vision when look at alarm clock etc and optometrist is not concerned; but last May I noticed 2 of husband coming up stairs.
So, when have IPAD on lap and looking at it but glance into distance, i get double side by side; yet if I am, say, looking at a vase on my dresser in distance, and i see my laptop in peripheral vision its double. I asked ophthalmologist about it; she did a few tests (not including eye pressure or checking the angles she had lazered 2 months before) she said to me and i am 77;
'You have the eyes of a 25 year old' and when I said what about the double vision she said, get this… it's age-related. I am not going back and when I sent. note to my Optometrist that i had lost faith in her, he didnt answer but my next appointment was not with him but his partner,,,,What do yo think of that?

i now just try and just look at one thing at a time and keep my mouth shut while secretly being very very worried… but living in a small city and not being able to go back to the teaching hospital that is a leader in the glaucoma field, i have no other choice although my daughter said Mum can you try and make the effort and I will drive you back to Toronto to see Dr. T—- at the hospital and pay for our hotel room… and I believe that specialist will see me again… and maybe I could make the trip once… but if he needs to see me more than once I dont think I can do it..

Bless everyone with illness including eye disease, and especially those who because of circumstances beyond their control are not getting the appropriate treatment. Doctors are not magicians and able to detect and treat every single disease, illness, condition… but from my heart I really doubt the knowledge, sincerity and capability of many health professionals.. especially through lockdowns and covid, ageing patients and burn out… and I find for myself anyway I am almost scared to ask questions or speak up , politely, as it isn't appreciated and I find is sometimes held against me/us… but if you go to a clinic that is well known for its knowledge and care,(and I presume Mayor is one of those places,) you can ask all the questions you like… and in fact they encourage it! Together we're better!!

oh dear, too much typing, can see this line but when i glance back up to read its blurry so goodbye for now..my fingers just wont stop typing…..xxx… take care everyone!

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Opthalmologists are what I go to for my visits, even though Optometrists think they can treat it all. I think it was nice that your Dr traded you to another one to try. Sometimes, just get crossways with a Dr and can't be nicey nice any more! I think you are worth the cost of the trip to Toronto/hotel room. Sounds like you have a fairly complex case and so one does what they must. Take care.