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Dry eyes

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@bustrbrwn22. thanks for being so kind after my lengthy explanation… I just cant seem to say things precisely, but ramble on…
MY diagnosis from the Toronto Western Hospital was NARROW ANGLE GLAUCOMA. The dr. suggested I have an IRIDOTOMY and I might have if continued to go there, but as I got other illnesses and couldn't travel and didn't trust the local eye drs., … I waited 2 years to finally have it done in a town about 1.5 hours away.
I have an interesting article on the increase in numbers of Iridotomies being performed … as they did on my husband and daughter via our Optometrist…… they told them it was "preventative" and it's akin to , say, taking out someone's tonsils so they don't get tonsillitis; taking out their appendix while have belly open, to prevent future appendicitis… this is what the article is about

. However, with my high eye pressure the Specialist in Toronto said I was not to take ANY medications that increased eye pressure, so I took myself off Zoloft, could not use steroid nose drops when had nose/ear pain, and just about all meds I needed had a warning -" do not use if have narrow angle glaucoma. " So I really felt I had no choice than to have the laser holes in eyes.

Things is, I still have to use glaucoma drops as was on them before laser, and the holes can fill in over time.. it really is worrying.Also a lot of meds still say not to take if have Glaucoma but doctors still prescribe!!! I was shocked when the pharmacy staff person told me; dont worry the drops stay in your eyes; NO THEY DONT. Drops put in our eyes make their way into. our bodies and can cause side effects…. even the ones I use now.. Latanoprost/MONOPROST.
I have so many medical issues that I now wonder if they are age related, gene related or medication past/present related… its a merry go round and I cant get off and neither can many people especially with multiple illnesses don't you think…

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@lacy2. I totally agree and am just figuring that out for my own body! 55 yo and just figuring that out, crazy. My sister had the narrow vision and the surgery corrected her vision but she takes no other medication. She’s almost 80, very overweight, and has no other issues while the me and one of my other sisters have all kinds of issues and we were the ones that worked out, ate healthy, watched our weight, etc. go figure