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Dry eyes

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@marye2, et al. This has been a long and really difficult journey with these dry eyes of mine. I now, after many years of trying to find something to give me some relief….it seemed to only get worse and symptoms increased and worsened. After visitng my long-term opthomologist and more of the same, I saw the optomotrist at Mayo for glasses w/prisms for double vision assistance
Welll, I reminded her I have Sarcoid, autoimmune disease since I was 40, I'm 74 now, and it hits the eyes often as it does the lungs; I have sarcoid attacks periodically and am always aware it's there.
Funny thing…I had indications of residual sarcoid in my eyes. Missed by my doc and others…..several months ago I went through a couple of weeks when I actually thought I was losing my eyesight, going blind. It was weird, with wosening and long term blurry sight, dull and just off so nothing was clear. Then it cleared up, then back again and I went for several days with much worse sight, buring, dry, itching, light sensitivity was horrid….she prescribed a couple weks ago a steroid eye drop that is amazing. For the first time in years, I can see clearly, with few blurred times and all the other stuff is far less. Now, I live in Fl and we have everything in the world blooming now, so my allergy eyes are having tough time.

I'm tapering off the steroid drops. using Refresh Dry Eye and Systane Dry Eye as needed duriing day, have used PM jel drops and love them. Alwyas ck to be sure no additives, no preservatives, no thimerisol at all.

Also, this doc suggested warm eye patch compresses daily, and an eye mask at night with warm compresses. If you want to think you've gone to heaven, try it. Works wonders for relaxation of body, but also relaxation and pain removal of eyes. Highly recommend. Try Bruder, ordered on-line, got wipes for lids too. Good stuff.
Wishing you all well on this search. elixabeth

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@ess77. Hi Elizabeth. Is there a Systane gel at night that doesn’t have preservatives or additives? I just looked at what I bought and it has .001% preservative. Thanks

I have the Sjogrens overlap for MCTD, and dry eyes, mouth and skin with that. Blurriness is dry eyes – I use Systane during the day; PM ointment at night as needed, and Pataday RX when I need to up the game for "crunchy" eyes. If you can find a light weight, not tight, eyemask for nighttime that will help, too.