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How do you deal with dry eyes?

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@lacy2 – you have dealt with ALOT, I am glad you posted it so we all could see how much more others have to bear than us. I admit to having pity parties for myself. Last night my husband stayed home (his only release is going out with male friends once a week; I think that is healthy since a lot of guys in the neighborhood have no friends besides their wives) because I just couldn't take another minute of pain. Someone needed to watch our geriatric dog while i lie in bed and my sister came over to give me an upper back massage. Our fur baby has to be watched every minute or he will lick his hind legs raw, each has huge open sores we are trying to heal. Tried the collar of shame but the guy is VERY flexible and can pull his feet to his mouth!

I hope you find some relief and a doctor that cares. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

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@bystrbrwb22 thanks I do feel I have a lot to deal with in that so many different problems that overlap and its not funny but as I said to lioness, i forgot to list a few things too! To stop talking about myselgf for a bit, we had to put collar on our dog and not sure how to explain but husband sort of threaded dogs collar through the narrow end of the Cone and then he could put it on her and take it off easily. He also , on the wide end, cut it down about and inch or two so she could reach her water dish and food… it worked out better but was still a pain.. til we discovered vet had left a stitch in front paw after taking others other and she was trying to pull it out with her teeth…. once daughter noticed it and vet removed, healing was quicker and off came the collar. She is 12. ugh today right side of upper head started tingling and of course lie here thinking, is this going to get worse, what should I DO IF THIS, IF THAT.. . which is part of the problem… fear. Glad you also have husband to help as i do but sometimes i feel bad that he has to put up with this while ill himself, just goes on and on…. thanks for your kind thoughts. J.