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How do you deal with dry eyes?

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@lacy2. AS a nurse I was doing p.d. when lady was getting out of tub her legs went I couldn't help her to much as my fracture occurred then Took 1year to get over it left nerves pinched to legs My worst is now lower back fracture lifted to heavy now have herniated disc nerve pain in groin but I use cbd gel and ice only thing I've found that helps. For neuropathy I finally found a neuropathy cream on Amazon really like it with it in my arms,hands I rub this in .WOW You have had a tough life so sotty now your having so many problems Old age is certa5 not for sissies Back in 1996 I had open heart surgery Had 3 closed arteries they put 3 in from my leg its been 25 yes no heart medications Did exercises Dr recommended and have been off red meat Dr instruction I just take resovustatin. I use holistic meds only on 6 by Dr dDo a centrum for women daily for my fibromyalgia I only use an extra magnesium Has the fecal ? Helped you May God be with you to endure all you have Glad your daughters are close 🙏 for you .Do you get to there homes some I found just getting in nature and meditating helps me a lot hugs 🤗 Linda

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@lioness… oh no another work related injury… i wonder how many millions of people a year get hurt on the job! thanks, but having so many issues it sounds like i am making them up….and i think i forgot a couple like ibs-d pain, etc….. no wonder a doctor doesnt want me as a new patient, but i could bring him in lots of income! Oh you had same surgery as Brian last November… 25 years ago that is amazing .. took 3 months for the wound on his leg to heal daily dressings… ah well he eatrs red meat, smokes and drinks a bit….. but is on 13 meds…. I dont know why so many!! Ah so holistic meds may be the answer. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia by fam. dr. in 2012 but honestly it fell by the wayside when got all these other things…. wonder if I still have it or does it disappear? Well it seems I wont help myself and just want to be like a plant in a pot and be watered but doubt i will ever bloom again. You are very brave and I see help a lot of people on here….. nice of you …. June