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How do you deal with dry eyes?

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@lacy2 I keep it in the ref6 use to burn some but it doesn't now Glad you had a better day May I ask about what kind of pain you have ,is it your back.? Mine is 2 back fractures started it all Now it's all lower back stenosis herniated disc nerves in groin area fill on fire especially at night Yesterday I walked to much had a bad night 1Hr,sleep ug

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oh @lioness… how did your back get fractured…. sorry to hear it has morphed into such horrible pain…. one hour sleep is bad enough let alone with pain….; one reason I went back on Clonazepam even tho it may be frying my brain.
my p.n. since 2016 that was tingling from knees down and elbows down turned into numbness and then pain this year but my main issue is mental pain and suffering. On and off mixed with cancer; glaucoma; drug reactions; stress; bullying etc., but after c.diff it did me in…the dr. was horrible, no help and by November of that year just couldnt get out of bed, fatigue etc. and new dr had messed around with my medications and had a hell of a time on top of c.diff with heart pounding etc., it was a year to forget – 2018, also glaucoma diagnosis. Since then I have spent most of my time in bedroom in or on bed and then covid… have porbably been in 3 stores in 3 years.. thing is THIS IS NOT ME, or not who I was…working, raising 2 girls alone til remarried 40 yrs ago then husband had open heart surgery November and now he is back to helping me.. my world is upside down but i am not naive enough to know a lot more people are suffering a lot more than me! Then the guilt comes in. Family overseas passed away as well as the few friends I had.. as i have said before, not looking for sympathy just saying what happened to me. my 2 daughters live on the lake ten minutes away and i rarely go there… so sad after living from hand to mouth to feed the 3 of us when they were little… odd what life can throw at us isnt it. Now some caring dr discovered my very very low vit d, and low b12, maybe taking it will give me a boost, i hope so. I should have sent this as private message as am sure everyone has their laundry list of problems without reading mine! XX hugs

Have you gone to PT – I have an osteopathic one, who does adjustments. I broke 7 ribs/2 vertebrae a few years ago, have scoliosis and degeneration. But the stretches really help. The one in groin area for me was hip flexion, which was waaay tight. When I do the stretches, I am nearly pain free, despite what is on the xrays. My pain is often due to foot/knee/hip not being aligned as I am on hypermobility Beighton scale. Orthotics and correct pronation of shoes matters – I like walking in water best as it provides resistence without being load bearing.