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How do you deal with dry eyes?

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@lacy2, @cherriann I just happened to see these posts on dry eyes regarding finding an over the counter product.
My experience: One of the side effects of a bone marrow transplant seems to be dry eyes. Fortunately I’ve been able to manage mine with OTC products so far. The worst was at night when my eyelids would stick to my eyes. Trying to get them open was so painful! Daytime, my eyes were burning, gritty, making it difficult to read or be at the computer.
The best by far has been Systane Nighttime ointment! I use it religiously at night. Within the first week of not forgetting a night, my dry eyes improved dramatically. To the point I no longer need drops during the day. My eyes even look like they have a twinkle again. They are definitely healthy looking now.
I think the key is to use it faithfully on a nightly basis. It is goopy and once you apply it, your vision does get blurry so it’s best to just go to bed right away. To apply, I hold out my lower lid just a little and lay a line of the gel along my lower eye lid. The gel melts as you apply it and coats your eye. It doesn’t burn at all and feels really soothing. Just something to consider. Any drug store and usually grocery stores have it in the eye care section. Lori

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@loribmt One other thing for the eyelids A friend told me was get some baby shampoo With a q tip dip in and clean eyelids then with other end rinse then dry its was surprising how good the lids feel

…..will have to check this out, thanks