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Dry eyes

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My ophthalmologist told me after my last visit to use plain eye drops to add moisture for my "aging eyes" when they feel scratchy, a bit dry, etc. I asked him which type or brand, but he said any eye drop without extra additives was fine. I've been using original Systane without preservatives and haven't tried any other brands. I read what some of you are using and was just wondering if there is something that would be better that you would recommend and I could try next time I buy eye drops. I haven't had any issues with Systane and it does the job O.K, but doesn't leave my eyes feeling anything exceptionally soothed after using. I have had cataract surgery on both eyes in the past and my vision is generally good.

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hi cherriann… i have tried dozens, scores of eyedrops over the years and , for me, am still looking for the perfect one… that would soothe my eyes and last til the next time put drops in… but i have not ever tried prescription dry eye drops. if you find systane is working ok, could you still use it while trying another brand a few hours lagter/ – not sure if should use several types – someone on here will know – also if you dont like the new drops, as i have done, thrown them out and some are quite expensive and barely used. good that your vision is generally good ! J.

@cherriann, I just opened your post and saw Systane. That is what I use and I will share my reasons. I have itchy skin and have allergies to sulfa. I only use products that have passed the dermatology guidelines for eye products without sulfa. Systane is one of them. Just an FYI really. Aging eyes are a reality. It is 91% humidity today where I live now and 12% humidity where II used to live. My eyes say thank you to me every day. Thanks so much for sharring.

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