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How do you deal with dry eyes?

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thanks all, thanks lioness... just had a mini melt down..i think its when i go downstairs and realize i dont hve the will or strength to make meals, lunch and husband been shopping and blinking tooth area hurts and sore throat and all then childish silly crying, i just need to get a grip .... hope i don't turn into a miserable sob like that doctor! its odd its not really mood swings but physical pain affecting mood maybe... and you cope alone bless you. i always try and have a shower every day and almost do but its been a long road lioness and just not bouncing back like i used to; i can still be funny or silly typing, or emailing someone...sometimes een on th ephone . its a skill/trick albeit small. yes listen to tapes, dont do much tapping.... its odd but the odd hours and usually its in evening, not sure why, but i start to feel peace and it is lovely, more than money... but then dont know what next day will be like. my husband is a quiet plain man and doesnt "get into it" and lets face it, keeps quiet about his ailments, has a cigarette and glass of wine but i cant do that. well, chalk this day up to another ding-dong=bell. june is in the well, and maybe as the day goes by this sadness will go take a hike. thanks for the deep breathing tips etc., but you know sometimes its more like crawl up in a ball for me... am sureits not easy for you .... and cant wait to hear about the new smile! j.

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@lacy2 I'm so sorry you,be had another melt down Look at Tapping.com This I think will help you Dr Mercola, and other well known Dr,s It's the meridian line,brain process it helps with a merriade of problems It's lengthy for me to explain

I periodically get wigged out and overwhelmed- have Mixed Connective Tissue Disease and symptoms ebb and flow. I am on Zoloft, which helps focus, and some with pain. A daily walk is imperative for those days when I am amok. Intentional breathing is great and easy: Dr Weil's take is 8 in, hold for 4, 8 out. EFT tapping is great (steps at https://www.emofree.com/nl/eft-tutorial/tapping-basics/how-to-do-eft.html ). Also, 5-hydroxy gaba helps - I take it for sleep 45 minutes before bed. For a week, take it 3 times a day; I got it from a Compounding Lab nurse, but can buy on Amazon (Precision One) Otherwise, it is mind over body, and a massage, or reflexology helps. Revert to good diet (non-processed, avoid sugar), stay hydrated and plan. I do get up early and do Just One Thing to feel like I have purpose, even if it is emptying the dishwasher. Plan your day's tasks (no more than 2 hours) in your nightly peace. Take your time; small changes matter and you will get past this!