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How do you deal with dry eyes?

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@lacy2 Still hard to think s Dr would have such a temper tantrum like a little baby I'm glad you are feeling better today I am waiting vto get a call now from Dentist office about my partials since impressions are done now We all here are pain warriors June you included You have to be strong to deal with these problems day by day.I use alot of Tapping and meditation .Like yesterday I needed a day to myself so put relaxing music on and took a bath this always soothes the soul and hurting muscles When I can't get out I open the windows and do deep breathing funny how important deep breathing makes you fill getting in all the oxygen helpsDo you do this?

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thanks all, thanks lioness... just had a mini melt down..i think its when i go downstairs and realize i dont hve the will or strength to make meals, lunch and husband been shopping and blinking tooth area hurts and sore throat and all then childish silly crying, i just need to get a grip .... hope i don't turn into a miserable sob like that doctor! its odd its not really mood swings but physical pain affecting mood maybe... and you cope alone bless you. i always try and have a shower every day and almost do but its been a long road lioness and just not bouncing back like i used to; i can still be funny or silly typing, or emailing someone...sometimes een on th ephone . its a skill/trick albeit small. yes listen to tapes, dont do much tapping.... its odd but the odd hours and usually its in evening, not sure why, but i start to feel peace and it is lovely, more than money... but then dont know what next day will be like. my husband is a quiet plain man and doesnt "get into it" and lets face it, keeps quiet about his ailments, has a cigarette and glass of wine but i cant do that. well, chalk this day up to another ding-dong=bell. june is in the well, and maybe as the day goes by this sadness will go take a hike. thanks for the deep breathing tips etc., but you know sometimes its more like crawl up in a ball for me... am sureits not easy for you .... and cant wait to hear about the new smile! j.