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How do you deal with dry eyes?

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.. i think different things work differently because could be different 'reason' for dry eyes and some conditions like my daughters on computers, a quick few drops through the day… but long term and tears not being produced or evaporating too quickly… i had an appointment with dept. head dealing with dry eyes at on of Toronto's teaching hospitals the year i was diagnozed down there with glaucoma, but got cdiff and had to cancel and not been able to travel since, well can manage the 4 hour drive its the fecal incontinence etc. etc. etc. etc. and finding a room during covid …but honestly i would suggest to anyone starting the dry eye route to see someone who deals with it , reputable and not just selling a fix, and find out 'WHY' and take it from there, i have used and spent hundred and hundreds on eye drops that may not have even been suitable but i must admit have never tried prescription dry eye drops… maybe thats been my mistake. if i sound grumpy its been a couple of 'more than usual' weeks and just having a pity party for myself. take care everyne…

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@lacy2 I don't blame you for having a "pity-party". Hope you recover from the c-difficile soon. My friend's daughter was quite seriously ill with that. On top of that, we are still in the midst of this pandemic.
I had no luck with Restasis. It caused lots of burning and stinging for me and it takes several months until you know whether its effective or not. I did fill a script for Xiidra, (expensive), and it sits in a cabinet. Reluctant to use it. It takes a couple of weeks using it to know whether it will work.
Feel better.