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How do you deal with dry eyes?

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hi all, h @lioness; Thanks. It was odd, had teleconference with neurologist, out of town, as office closed, and only seen him a couple of times since getting p.n. 2016 from meds…. I had some flareups during last few months, thats why clinic dr referred me back to him. That was march 16 he thinks Essential Tremour (internal) and it was coincidence that then had another ocular migraine march 23rd 6am… but forgot to tell neurologist about getting forgetful after the migraines…. not all the time – anyway, daughter phoned him that day and receptionist said as its a different reason from original referral (p.n.) I will have to get a new referral. I dont have family dr so will have to contact clinic again and wait.

I think I already mentioned I had 2 x occular migraines that morning and when after waiting months, the ENT phoned (my daugher had phoned from her house to cancel as i was ill) …he yelled at me for almost the whole 10 minutes … said he has so many urgent cases to deal with, and that i wasn't listening to him…. could i breath, could i smell….and said well 35 years ago you had tmj etc. etc. I put phone on speaker so husband could hear, it was awful.
I was at dentist yesterday to get a small piece of bone taken out left when they took out tooth last week and told him about being yelled at…. oh yes he said Dr.Prinja has a bad temper! I am not stupid i know ent is very busy with more urgent cases but just wanted some professional help with the ear pain, echo, fullness etc. I was referred there by a doctor, get mad at the doctor for referring me then!!!
And, the sharp piece of bone sticking out of the hole in my gum is attached to the bone so dentist nipped off a tiny piece but said the gum will grow over the rest, but to go back if bother me…… help !!!! just kidding, could be worse! If i could get some energy and my nerves back in shape and out of this bedroom a bit more …… but no where to go anyway! Thanks for caring especially when you have so many issues to deal with lioness, and everyone

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@lacy2 Still hard to think s Dr would have such a temper tantrum like a little baby I'm glad you are feeling better today I am waiting vto get a call now from Dentist office about my partials since impressions are done now We all here are pain warriors June you included You have to be strong to deal with these problems day by day.I use alot of Tapping and meditation .Like yesterday I needed a day to myself so put relaxing music on and took a bath this always soothes the soul and hurting muscles When I can't get out I open the windows and do deep breathing funny how important deep breathing makes you fill getting in all the oxygen helpsDo you do this?