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How do you deal with dry eyes?

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I have Sjogren 's syndrome which causes dry eye and dry mouth for many years! I also use Allergan's Refresh eye drops twice a day. Just read that Krill oil may help relieve dry eye symptom. Start taking it last week instead of fish oil!

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Thanks . I have Sjogrens Syndrome too, unfortunately. Do you take any medication for Sjogren? Methotrexate or Azathioprine?

I use Systane liquid tears as needed for dry eye, PM ointment at night and have an RX for pataday. I have recently found that an eye mask at night really helps. Daily scrubbing of eye lids is helpful. For dry mouth, brush twice daily plus waterpik and swishing with water a few times a day helps. Dental visits 2 X year for cleaning and check on gums.

What brand of Krill oil is it helping………..my eyes are sooooo dry. I have used Restasis and Xiidra and lots of preservative free eye drops……… I don't know what to do. My eyes make my whole body hurt. I hav been taking Tramadol to help. Not sure if this is good for me

Where do you get Kill oil?

Hello, just got on this sight and saw your post from 2019. I have all the symptoms of Sjogrens but years ago I went to a specialist who did blood work and said I didn't have it. I have extremely dry eyes, have had plugs in my tear ducts for 20 years and still dry! Always thirsty and my sodium levels are always low, I think from too much water. Thirst wakes me up at night and drink 32 oz of water overnight. I have interstitial cystitis, had severe reflux and have had surgery for that and many more issues that I think are all tied in. If I'm really careful with my diet I do better but my question is how did you get diagnosed?