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Was just diagnosed with glaucoma, need support!

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Thank you lioness. I will have to wait an entire year because I am sure Medicare won't pay twice in the same year. I never heard of such things the doctor told me. Quit drinking tea, drink water instead. Do a daily nasal wash because the eyes, nose and throat are connected and buy over the counter drops and eye pads ( he said, acum pads) to cleanse my eye lids. I thought he was joking and I said what for? He said, to correct my dry eye problems.

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@deborahfrick123 I never heard of this To clean eyelids a friend gave me some baby shampoo to use dip Qtip wash, rinse dry I use Refresh lubricating tears the others didn't work for me For my severe Dry eyes she gave me Restasis eye drops also eye ointment at night Check with your ins. about seeing another Opthalmologist they might?

Hello @deborahfrick123

I agree with what @lioness and @ashby1947 have posted that a second opinion is in order. When you are having a chronic eye problem it is certainly a good idea to seek out a second opinion. Make the necessary calls to your PCP and/or your insurance company to verify that they will refer you for a second opinion.

Much of what your ophthalmologist told you is true about treating dry eyes. The cleansing pads are quite refreshing. I use Systane drops (preservative-free) which work quite well for me. Hot compresses are also helpful.

Here is some information from Mayo Clinic's website about Glaucoma, https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/glaucoma/symptoms-causes/syc-20372839

If your current ophthalmologist uses My Chart if would be a good idea to read what was posted by him about your eye pressure numbers. Some doctors treat their patients more conservatively and this could be the case, but you need to put your mind at ease regarding this. Eyesight is a precious commodity for us all and we want to take care of vision problems the best we can.

One reason your eye doctor may have told you to stop drinking tea is because many believe it increases your pressures. I find this odd since people who regularly drink tea seem to have a lower incidence of Glaucoma. However ocular hypertension and glaucoma are two different animals so I'm wondering if it's bad for Occular hypertension but good for Glaucoma? have you asked your ophthalmologist specifically why he told you what he did about the tea. Also it appears that tea may increases the production of tears although I don't believe this research is conclusive yet. Ocular hypertension or high inter-ocular pressure are different. Ocular hypertension leads to glaucoma and the glaucoma diagnosis is when there is actual damage that impairs your vision.
Best of luck,